Knowledge base and ISO procedures management system


Thanks to its flexibility and functionality, the ‘Enovatio Projects’ project management system is used by enterprises to carry out a variety of business processes. It’s an effective tool not only in production and building projects, but also for managing knowledge and ISO procedures.

The Enovatio Platform helps in the extensive lead-up to implementing ISO norms, as well as with ongoing quality management. It is the central workplace of every user—a project, task, data and document portfolio.


iso management
ISO norm implementation schedule

ISO norm implementation schedule


Implementing an ISO quality management system is preceded by a number of stages and preparatory steps. The ISO implementation process itself must be thought out and the timing carefully planned.

Enovatio enables you to order projects from the initial/zero audit to complete ISO implementation.

Interactive Gantt charts (critical path, plan, execution) make it possible to monitor the timing of each stage and thus avoid overloading and overlapping tasks.

Comprehensive ISO implementation management


Implementing ISO standards is a formidable undertaking for any business. In the case of ISO27001, the following must be created:

Information and personal data security Policy, Declaration of Security for the Information Security Management System, Measurement of Applied Security, Contextual Analysis of the Information Security Management System, Determination of Acceptance Criteria, and Risk Assessment Procedures.

These activities must often be treated as projects in and of themselves, ones that are accompanied by a very large number of tasks. Enovatio makes it possible to detail and edit them, assign employee roles, create task hierarchies (WBS) and assign priorities. It also systematizes the work, and, when a deadline is not met, sends alerts and notifications to the groups or units responsible for implementing the ISO. 

ISO implementation management
An Orderly Knowledge Base – The Documentation Repository

An Orderly Knowledge Base – The Documentation Repository


Enovatio is a knowledge base and archive of all documents and activities carried out. It allows you to create ISO procedure-compatible documents. This reduces the amount of work involved in preparing audit reports, quality records, nonconformity cards, procedures lists and the like. Authorization can be extended to both groups and individual users, and allow you to prevent documents ending up in “the wrong hands”. The platform ensures the data being processed remains confidential.

Managing the implementation of ISO standards


Enovatio's functionalities support the efficient management of internal audits, the development of procedures and various types of projects, tasks, and documentation related to ISO standards. The system harmonizes the organization’s standard of functioning and performs as its knowledge base. Alerts, reminders, graphs and completion rate expressed in percentages all make it possible to keep track of work and control it at various levels. Enovatio reduces the burden on the organization and improves the efficiency of collaboration. 

Managing the implementation of ISO standards
Time management ISO

Time management


The Enovatio calendar has public and personal components, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange. The meetings you record can be shared with others working on the ISO implementation. It allows you to schedule meetings, control their frequency to avoid pile-ups , and track the availability of team members. The graphics used afford employees greater transparency when planning.

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