CRM - Customer Relationship Management


   Effectively manage customer relationships while increasing sales and in-company work efficiency. That's not an advertising slogan but the real benefits of using Enovatio CRM.

Having a CRM system that matches company strategy while holding vital information on current and potential customers is essential. Using Enovatio CRM, you will create stronger and more lasting B2B relationships with your clients.

You will shorten the time you spend on customer support, increase your control over the work sales staff are doing and minimize costs.


CRM System
Sales management

Sales management


Enovatio CRM supports the sales process from the moment a lead is registered through transactions, cross-selling and up-selling through to customer retention. It will allow you to standardise your sales processes, match offers to customer needs, provide effective customer support, and provide customers with appropriate information when they need it.

Detailed Database of Companies


The CRM system creates and maintains a database of companies in the form of an extensive list. Contacts can be grouped by region, industry, and so on. Each company has a detailed contact card that includes information about the customer, a contact person, and its consent to process its data. 

Advanced filters allow users to quickly find specific companies, while the planning option supports meeting management and allows you to organize your driving routes using Google Maps. 

detailed database of companies
leads crm



Manage leads throughout the entire sales process from the point they are registered. Leads can be added by email, the contact form, or manually and also extended with additional parameters (status, contact source, offer code, documents, comments, meetings) to create a vital knowledge base about clients. Sending emails directly from the system will reduce the time required to manage a lead. System functions will make analyzing the leads and matching the promotion actions faster as well as increase the effectiveness of cooperation between your marketing and sales departments.

Customer relationship management


The system is a central point for all customer information. The tags it uses are quickly accessible, allowing you to manage customer relationships and related support and marketing tasks with ease. In the customer's 360° tab you can define the sales and profits projections and thus more accurately match the work you need to do to finalize a transaction and define the prospects for further cooperation.

crm 360
crm tasks

The Client Task Portfolio


The CRM system enables you to organise, plan, and manage an unlimited number of tasks while controlling costs and the time you need to complete them. Sharing tasks with other users and prioritizing them will not only help your sales team work more effectively but also increase management’s effectiveness.  Progress indicators expressed in percentages, deadline countdowns, alerts, and email reminders make keeping deadlines easier.

Reporting and Sales Funnel


CRM generates reports together with a record of actions and sales.  The reports allow you to quickly identify which actions should be undertaken during specific stages of negotiations, sales prospects, and which marketing actions should be stepped up to meet a specific target. CRM reports will make creating reports and presentations for the Management Board/Partners and others in the company much easier.

sales funnel crm
documents in crm system

Centralised documents and information database with Enovatio CRM


Store and share (with those authorized) electronic forms of documents and images. This in turn will enable you to connect all kinds of offers, agreements, and reports with clients, tasks and marketing strategies — all so you have a full 360° overview of a project within a single mouse-click.  Enovatio CRM is a knowledge and documents database and an archive for all of the actions you have completed.

Integration with ERP and Enovatio systems


Integrate Enovatio CRM with different ERP systems, including: Comarch ERP, SAP Qad, Sage Symfonia, Hermes SQL, and Microsoft Dynamics. Connect a CRM system with other Enovatio modules (document circulation, project management, requests management) to create complex, harmonious management software.

integration with ERP

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