Designing applications for customer needs


To meet our customers’ specific needs, we create IT systems and mobile applications (iPhone, Android), with a focus on improving work efficiency and business results.

Since beginning operations, we have implemented hundreds of projects for companies from throughout Europe. We have not limited ourselves to the size of the undertaking or the specificity of the industry.




Analysis of needs and business requirements - We set goals and lay out the benefits of using Enovatio solutions.

Pre-purchase analysis - including the client's environment, technical capabilities and possible hardware that may be required to implement the application.

Functional analysis - including the functional requirements of the solution to be implemented. This analysis is intended to fully satisfy customer expectations during the implementation and daily use of the application.

Design and manufacture

We present the Enovatio solution design, taking into account the results of the above analyses. At this stage we work with the customer to determine the scope and schedule of the work to be done. Once the project specifications are approved, our developer team moves on to developing software


We carry out rigorous modular, acceptance and functional tests of the software we develop, both during its production and again upon its completion—all to guarantee a high quality product and customer satisfaction.


To ensure smooth implementation, we adhere strictly to the schedule we draw up with the customer. The process involves preparing the hardware and network infrastructure, installation, configuration, reflecting the organizational structure of the running system, data migration, administrator and end-user training, and post-deployment support.

After deploying the software, customers often opt for a software maintenance contract. Users of the system always have the latest version of the software, direct access to technical support, and the Enovatio team available to them. All of this makes it possible to to avoid unplanned downtime.

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