HR applications flow

one of the business processes in the Enovatio Workflow


The Enovatio Workflow system can also be used to circulate HR applications.  It’s an easy, complete tool which eliminates the lengthy procedure of filling and accepting paper applications. 

The Workflow System covers: paid leave applications, delegation applications, and advance payment applications, as well as other forms defined by the client.

By implementing our system, you will make acceptance processes for things such as paid leave more effective. It will be quicker to check human resources available at a given time and to prepare substitutes. This solution integrates with HR systems and other Enovatio modules.


hr applications flow
Paid leave application

Paid leave application


The paid leave form includes details concerning leave and gives you the possibility to delegate substitutes for the worker who is on a leave. Substitutes are matched according to the department by the person accepting the application. Putting a form in the system can be done either by ready-made forms or scanned documents.

Every employee in the “My desktop” section has access to a report about the number of days of paid leave used while management has the total absences report. Reports can be easily exported to .xls or .pdf formats. Automatic counting of paid leave days saves time for the HR and Accounting Departments.

Delegation Application


The delegation form includes details about delegated people, places, dates, and goals of a trip. The form also includes daily travel allowance/lump sum for travel and lets you clear it after returning from a delegation.

Delegation Application

Advance Payment Application


The advance payment form includes information such as title, amount, payment type, description, and currency. The HR application form circulation system will support your company’s HR and Accounting Departments with registering, managing, and clearing advance payments. This solution registers all activities concerning the form with dates and comments.

Compliance with Organizational Structure and Regulations


Both verification and acceptance of HR forms is done in accordance with the existing organizational structure, paid leave policy, and labor code. Circulation paths are set according to the needs of your company. If any business procedures are changed, you can modify existing circulation paths.

Compliance with Organizational Structure and Regulations



The user is informed of the acceptance status at each stage of the application's completion.

This solution sends notifications in the form of an e-mail to all involved parties and displays a list of workflows in the “My Desktop” section.



Delegations and accepted paid leaves are displayed automatically in the public calendar, ensuring the smooth operation of your company while workers go on leave. The graphics make planning clear. Public and Personal Calendars are fully integrative with Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.

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