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   this is a platform for exchange of business information. Every employee has his desktop and a common company panel, which is used to present news. Enovatio Intranet serves as a tool for proper coordination of activities of every company. From a functional point of view, Enovatio Intranet is a very flexible solution that meets the needs of the most demanding businesses.


Centralized access to information

Centralized access to information

The Enovatio intranet platform gathers information in one place. After logging, the Intranet provides instant access to required information. This leads to optimisation of the search time for information by employees.

Management dashboard

On the platform, users have individual profiles. They can enter information about themselves such as phone number, e-mail address, photo, and position. On the desktop, each user has a list of current projects and tasks (integration with the project module).
management dashboard
Planning work and meetings

Planning work and meetings

Intranet has a calendar function and a function of team calendars, e.g. project team calendar. In addition, own scheduler is available. The scheduler allows for editing and adding appointments. This improves communication within the company and allows for rapid flow of relevant information.

Company news

The platform allows for publication of current corporate information to users. Publications can be made available to all users of the intranet or to selected groups. This allows for streamlining and reducing the costs of communication within the company.
document management

Document management

Every user can add own documents to the Intranet. Shared documents can be edited and saved directly on the portal. In the case of other modules, users can assign own documents to other modules, e.g. to projects.

Improving communication - a list of contacts

Users are assigned individual contacts list. Data can be recorded manually or added automatically. Such a structured list of contacts increases the effectiveness of communication and shortens time needed to search for data for concurrent users, Contractors and Customers.
improving communication
api intranet

Integration with other Enovatio modules

Other Enovatio, Active Directory or LDAP modules can be added to Intranet.
Combination of such modules allows for maintaining a centralized information system.

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