Using Enovation Workflow in other Business Processes

Agreement Circulation


This solution increases the effectiveness of managing agreements and, as a result, ensures your company’s financial security. Full control over any changes, together with the ability to return to a previous version, eliminates several kinds of errors.  The system reduces costs since each agreement will require lower labor intensity. Many employees can work over a single document, leading to the deal’s faster conclusion. The accepted document is saved in the central archive, which only authorized employees have access to. Automatic notifications about the agreement’s dates increase the control you have over its enforcement.

agreement circulation

Internal Demand Circulation


Enovatio Workflow supports the process of creating and accepting internal demands and allows for the optimization of purchasing costs. The system’s intuitiveness lets you quickly add lists of goods and services to the purchasing form, which is the basis for starting the acceptance process. These solutions make it possible for all parties involved to constantly monitor the processed demand.

Internal Demand Circulation

Sales Order Circulation


The system will accelerate the process of sales order circulation and increase control over it. This solution allows for the quick finalization of transactions, translating into higher customer satisfaction. The accepted sales order is the basis for creating an invoice in the RPF system.

sales order circulation

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