Project management in the construction industry  

one of the business processes in the Enovatio Project


Enovatio platform integrates all aspects of construction projects, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their implementation.

Our solution is directed to all branches of construction industry - to developers, manufacturers, distributors of building materials, contractors, suppliers of construction equipment, etc.

Enovatio Project Management is a solution whose functionality covers all stages of a project.


Working on a project has never been so easy!


Project management in the construction industry
gantt chart

Schedule of work


This module provides a detailed scope of a project with a breakdown of planned value of work, time frames of each of the stages of the project, tasks of individual employees and other criteria by means of which the timeliness and progress of work is assessed; moreover, we improve the flow of information in teams as well as with the Customer. Each stage of a project is divided into tasks, which are assigned a coordinator of the project team (at least 1 person), materials and resources. 

Progress of implementation of the project

Easy and clear tracking of the degree of implementation of the project results in efficient management at every stage of its implementation within budget and increase in service quality. This increases the transparency of the portfolio of projects and aggregation of information. Data is presented graphically in the form of the critical path, Gantt charts and by means of percentages.

Risk management

The process of risk management covers risk identification, risks analysis of a given project, action planning, and risk control. Thanks to Enovatio Projects you will mitigate the risk from the early stages of the project. As a result you will increase the quality and accuracy of business decisions which play a huge role on your way to success.

Purchasing plan and warehouse management


Each project is automatically equipped with purchasing plans based on budgeted materials. Purchasing plans are integrated with warehouse inventory and suggest the use of building materials stored in the warehouse. The purchasing plan covers also services rendered by subcontractors. 

Cost estimation and budgetin

This functionality increases control of liquidity of a given development as well as profitability and efficiency of the company. Estimations are based on the scope of work, assigned resources, materials and machinery. Budgets are settled according to stages of the project and globally after completion of the project. 



Templates of contracts, task execution cards, and protocols

The platform contains ready-made templates of project contracts, cards relating to implementation of stages of the project, project completion cards, and stage protocols. All this increases security of contracts and the accuracy of business decisions. The documents are to be completed and saved on the platform. They can be printed directly from the system. Each project has full electronic documentation. 


All data in the system is presented in the form of reports. Reports are prepared as clear tables, charts and maps.
All reports can be analysed within a given time period.

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