Enovatio users have access to technical support, allowing for a seamless transition from deployment to software. Depending on the software model you select, the support service provides the following:

Cloud solution


Technical support throughout the life of the contract.

  • Data saved in the system is stored on secure servers while backups provide additional protection against loss.
  • All stored data will be protected from the moment they enter the Enovatio Cloud application, which is protected against unauthorized intrusion and unauthorized internal access.
  • We ensure continuity of service in 99% of the business hours per month
  • Remote handling of customer communications
  • Free system updates

The on-premises solution


Continuous technical support for a period of one year under the implementation agreement. After this period, service is possible with a maintenance contract.

  • Remote support for installation, upgrade setup, adaptation, and other fixes related to system usage
  • Maximum response time for a customer request is 4 working hours for critical errors and 8 working hours for ordinary error reporting.
  • Maximum response time for customer error is 48 hours for critical errors and 48 hours for normal errors.
  • Full-time tracking of changes in operating systems and database-related software.
  • The right to update the system

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